Temperature Screening Thermographic Camera

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5 MP Network Fisheye Camera

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2 MP ColorVu Lite Fixed Bullet Network Camera

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2 MP ColorVu Lite Fixed Bullet Network Camera

4 MP ColorVu Fixed Dome Network Camera

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2 MP 32 x Network Speed Dome

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PTZ 高速閉路電視

4MP IR Fixed Turret Network Camera

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Digital Surveillance system (CCTV)

Tak Shun Communication Limited has nearly 20 years of experience related to CCTV. Our professional consultants will recommend the most suitable configuration for you.
There are many kinds of CCTV. The high-definition CCTV footage can deter potential thieves. If there is any emergency, it can be fully recorded and become useful evidence. CCTV of Network Video Recorder (NVR) is an advanced configuration, which high-definition CCTV can record video for a long time, and has a variety of high-quality and performance options and additional CCTV advanced features such as motion detection, face recognition, and email alerts, etc.

The reliable security system allows users to log in to the CCTV system at any time, implement remote monitoring, and monitor business operations in real time through high-definition CCTV cameras. Tak Shun Communication provides diversified and comprehensive CCTV systems and functions, including the below:

  • Temperature Screening Thermographic Camera(CCTV Model:Hikvision DS-2TB1217-3/QA)
  • 5 MP Fisheye Fixed Dome Network Camera(CCTV Model:DS-2CD2955FWD-IS)
  • 2 MP ColorVu Fixed Bullet Network Camera(CCTV Model:DS-2CD1027G0-L)
  • 4 MP ColorVu Fixed Dome Network Camera(CCTV Model:DS-2CD2147G2-SU)
  • 5-inch 2 MP 32X Powered by DarkFighter Network Speed Dome(CCTV Model:DS-2DE5232W-AE-E)
  • 4 MP Super Wide Angle Fixed Turret Network Camera(CCTV Model: DS-2CD2345G0P-I)


There are many kinds of CCTV, 5 factors must be considered in order to choose the CCTV that suits you:

Video quality
Factors such as resolution, compression rate, and how many images can be played per second should be carefully considered when choosing CCTV. Meanwhile, it should also be noted that if the CCTV lens cannot be replaced, the monitoring distance needs to be roughly calculated before purchasing.

The storage function of CCTV involves several security risks. When choosing CCTV, you should pay attention to how long the captured images will be stored, and whether it can be encrypted to ensure the security of the data. When storing CCTV footage, it is also necessary to ensure that the data will not be leaked or stolen from any source.

If you need to output the pictures recorded by CCTV, you should make sure whether the CCTV has the function of sharing the corresponding time pictures. At the same time, need to double check the quality and format of the output screen.

Video play
When viewing CCTV recordings, you should pay attention to whether the CCTV can adjust the playback speed arbitrarily, fast-forward or rewind the screen by itself, whether the playback screen is in a single window or supports playback in multiple windows, and check whether it has the function of playing sound.

You can check whether the CCTV model has the function of zooming out and zooming in, and whether you can quickly search for relevant video images by date and time, in case you need it.