Why you need to install CCTV?


CCTVis an image communication system that transmits video in a specific area and broadcasts it on a fixed circuit (eg video recorder, monitor in a building, etc.). This type of playback mode is called CCTV. The process of installing CCTV at Tak Shun Communication is as follows:

  1. Tak Shun Communication will arrange consultants as first visit to observe the CCTV installation site. Afterward, we will purpose the most suitable solution. Any special needs, please contact us directly.
  2. After the CCTV solution has selected, we will provide the most ideal and most favorable CCTV installation solution according to the needs. The fee includes the service fee for the installation of the CCTV and the cost of the equipment to be installed.
  3. Once the customer confirms everything confirms the project, we will immediately arrange the professionals to install CCTV.

Precautions before installing CCTV

Before the installation of CCTV, the qualified organization will objectively evaluate the need for CCTV installation with the user. As there are opportunities to involve various aspects of personal data privacy, the evaluation would be very careful and precise.

When considering whether to install CCTV, you should first measure the urgency of CCTV installation. If it involves issues of public interest, for example, to install CCTV to monitor the safety of visitors and parked vehicles in public car park. Since there are many users involved, the opinions from different stakeholders should be collected, and then the installation of CCTV should be still continued. Another example is the problem of throwing objects from high altitude. The property management company intends to install CCTV to solve it. To judge the practicability of CCTV installation, the data that can be referred to include the data of similar incidents and the successful prevention or detection of accidents by installing CCTV. effect, etc.

To conclude, when considering whether to install CCTV, make sure it is the right way to deal with the problem at hand, and then contact a professional for CCTV installation.

Benefits of installing CCTV

Common CCTVs are installed in areas where users need to monitor. Bank branches, parking lots, campuses, large shopping malls or smaller stores, and even homes are all our service objects for installing CCTV.

As commercial, CCTV installations help security guards to see what's going on in different areas from a central control room. Due to the shortage of manpower or the location, it is difficult for people to monitor some places in person. CCTV can be installed to continuously record and even monitor specific events.

CCTV installations at home are another trend. The reason for the calamity stems from the concern of the family. For example, CCTVs are installed in homes where domestic helpers are employed for a certain degree of inspection, so that no one knows when an accident occurs. Another type of customer who installs CCTV at home is the elderly at home. Nursing centers are also one of our CCTV installation services.

At present, the CCTV industry has developed very maturely. After the installation of CCTV, the digital video recorder can record the picture clearly and archive it for many years, and at the same time, it can perform analysis or other operations on the video. However, it is enough to keep the daily property management security video for 7 to 30 days. In the past, many crimes were solved by CCTV, such as shoplifting, robbery, etc., which shows the importance of CCTV installation.

Application of CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation at SCHOOL

The safety of students is the top concern of parents and teachers. From time to time, we see in the news about unfamiliar people waiting for children to leave school. In addition to the deterrent effect of installing CCTV, it can also monitor the environment in real time and record the picture, which is an important evidence in the event of an accident.

CCTV Installation at VILLAGE HOUSE

The remote location of the village house makes it easy for thieves to invade. The installation of CCTV allows users to check the situation of the home in real time, and if they are harassed, they can also obtain substantial evidence.

CCTV Installation at OFFICE

The installation of CCTV in the accounting department, reception room, entrance and exit positions can further protect the interests of the company.


Cash payment is still the most common method of settlement in open-air workshops and markets, and the installation of CCTV can help manage and record transactions live.

CCTV installation at RESTAURANT

Among the various shops, restaurants are the busiest. There are also opportunities to face various emergencies. In addition to real-time monitoring, the installation of CCTV is also convenient for checking records.

CCTV Installation at SHOP

Shops face different potential risks, and they will incur losses if they are not careful. In addition to its deterrent effect, the installation of CCTV can also monitor and record incidents in real time. It is an important tool for starting a business.

CCTV Installation at WAREHOUSE

The warehouse has different goods and staff coming and going every day. The installation of CCTV can help to manage and record the situation in real time, and it is an indispensable tool.

CCTV installation at PARKING

Different cars and car owners come and go in the parking lot every day. Installing CCTVs at different locations and from multiple angles can ensure the safety of the parking lot and all car owners.

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