Hikvision Multi-Site Monitoring Solution

Hikvision's CCTV VMS software and IP products, the world's leading provider of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, are now used by education bureaus in many countries around the world to protect and manage their educational facilities and services.

As a government organization that provides qualitative and higher level technical training to students from diverse financial and social backgrounds, the Education Bureau aims to provide all students with a global standard of excellence in technical education.


In order to provide a safer environment and strengthen education management on university campuses and classrooms, the Education Bureau turned to Hikvision CCTV systems to assess their needs and recommend practical monitoring options. Working closely with the client, Hikvision conducted on-site surveys at multiple campuses and in response to the management and system performance needs of national education bureaus, came up with a cost-effective CCTV solution that provided the required level of indoor and outdoor surveillance coverage.

Consideration of a CCTV surveillance solution will also be incorporated into its goal of making the new system useful in enhancing the daily educational process, it can also be used to monitor exams remotely, and as a time-saving facility management tool.

Multi-Site Monitoring

Hikvision provides centralized remote CCTV monitoring and alarm monitoring, proposing an IP-based solution that will use the existing secure virtual private network (VPN) that connects all educational sites to technical education The center point of the bureau.In both control rooms, Hikvision iVMS-5200 CCTV professional VMS software was installed to control and monitor the new surveillance system 24/7. Ideal for controlling any portfolio of surveillance systems, iVMS-5200 Professional software fully supports all Hikvision products, including DVRs, NVRs, cameras, and high-speed PTZ lenses, as well as any combination of ONVIF-compliant third-party manufacturer products. Considering the security and management applications that need to be addressed, regardless of their size and complexity, Hikvision control software fully supports the smart features of installed Hikvision products, including smart search, playback and smart detection using CCTV.

To provide affordable high-quality CCTV surveillance imaging on covered university campuses, Hikvision specified the DS-2CD2620F-IS HD 2 megapixel zoom IR network box camera and the DS-2CD2720F-IS HD 2 megapixel Pixel outdoor network infrared dome camera combination. Both lens models offer 1920×1080 resolution, true day and night (ICR) low-light capability, and backlight compensation (BLC). Some colleges and universities now have approximately 1,300 Hikvision cameras installed, providing comprehensive surveillance in campus lobbies, classrooms, laboratories, staff rooms, exam rooms, auditoriums, storage rooms, entrances, and open campus area entrances and parking lots.

"The Hikvision IP-based CCTV surveillance solution successfully illustrates what large-scale integration can achieve," explains. "The Hikvision iVMS-5200 professional VMS software supports convenient and reliable monitoring of 43 campus locations, including central video management, integration, and failover mechanisms. The system supports local video storage and CCTV camera SD storage at all remote sites, using sea Converse's central video recording (CVR) mode uses NAS to directly receive data streams from network cameras. Adopting CVR mode does not require an intermediate storage server, which not only improves storage efficiency and system stability, but also greatly reduces system hardware for end users cost."


Hikvision video surveillance systems utilize WAN/VPN to connect each individual location in this large multi-site project, the excellent Hikvision iVMS-5200 professional VMS software allows us to integrate many existing 3rd party manufacturer cameras into the new system and provide out-of-hours remote alarm configuration and monitoring. We found the quality of Hikvision IP camera images to be excellent in every operating condition.

From a central monitoring station, system operators can now remotely check facility status or the presence/absence of support staff. In addition, in HD playback inspections, items documenting petty theft, health and facility theft since the installation went live were also traced.